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We Must Preserve Democracy in Health Policy

Full Democracy in health policy means each life is of equal value and that all health care decisions are made based solely on science and are totally confidential between the patient and his/her physician (or other nationally certified and locally licensed health care provider). No governmental or political or religious entities may interfere in health care decisions in any areas of pregnancy, sexuality, religious belief, race, economic standing, or legal status.

Democracy in health care also mandates that all health care resources are allocated on the basis of severity and number of people afflicted by an illness, rather than any financial circumstances or “perceived social value” of the patient or his/her family.  

Democracy is based on the basic equality of every person to be treated based on their universal humanity.

— Karen Pataky, Chair, Health Policy Task Force
Director, Public Policy Committee

1 thought on “We Must Preserve Democracy in Health Policy”

  1. I basically agree. Along with health rights comes health responsiblility. Assuming that all health care decisions are based on the best science available, what do you do when we are in a situation where care has to be rationed due to no available staff resources. When hospitals need to close services to the public due to the number of covid patients, i believe we need to think about whether or not it is possible to probide services to patients who are vaccinated and general health emergencies and elective surgeries as a priority and limit services to nonvaccinated indiividuals; allow the patients who are not vaccinated to wait for service until a bed is available before disruping service for the public. Cancelling elective surgeries and treatments for cancer and other servious emergencies to allow open beds and staff for nonvaccinated critically ill patients is, to me, a misplaced priority. Along with equal rights comes equal responsibility for your own health. I am interested in what others think.


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