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The Human Rights & Democracy Task Force believes that, in a democracy, government should be accountable to the people. We hold that shared values and strong institutions are essential to ensure that accountability—values such as the rule of law and institutions such as a free press. We consider our founders’ plan to control government’s power through establishing three co-equal branches of government to have been brilliant. We support a continuing effort to become a more perfect union, reaffirming and strengthening the principle of equality under the law, the universal right to vote, freedoms of speech and worship, and freedom from discrimination. We support these values and principles for our democracy and for democracies around the world.

With threats to democracy at home and abroad, we need to have the facts in order to push back on tactics that limit democratic participation.

human rights and democracy Articles

Enlarging the Supreme Court

Enlarging the Supreme Court By Zina Greene, Member, Human Rights & Democracy Task Force When Democrats get out the vote, as democracy demands we do,

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The Silent Democrats

The Silent Democrats By Zina Greene, Member, Democracy & Human Rights Task Force Few will forget the Senate committee confirmation hearings for Justice Katanji Brown

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