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Education and Children’s Issues

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The Education and Children’s Issues Task Force advocates for a quality public education which is essential for all children in our nations’ competitive, democratic society. Members work to inform and educate WNDC members on pertinent topics related to children and education such as: school reform, researching policies, departments, and key government officials with decision-making capacities, analyzing initiatives and bills impacting youth, and examining some of the psycho-social, and environmental obstacles impeding children in attaining optimum educational achievement.

If you care about access to quality education, curriculum development, fully funding public schools, and ending systemic racism and bias in the K-12 system, this is the task force for you!

Education Policy Articles

Teacher Strikes: Round 2

The first quarter of 2019 has been marked by several major city teacher strikes. Just as in 2018, teachers, students, and their supporters have taken to the picket line to

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#WhereAreTheGirls (and their rights)

Many questions remain about the heart-wrenching separation of parents from their children at the Mexico-US border. From questions about our national identity asked in TIME’s July 2 cover story (“What

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