GOTV – Get out the Vote

GOTV Task Force
Melinda Burrell, Chair

Over the years, WNDC has had an active GOTV Task Force which focused on phone-banking and texting efforts jointly with the DNC and presidential candidates, as well as canvassing in key races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The Task Force has registered voters in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia and worked in Virginia to get felons renewed on voter rolls. WNDC has also engaged its members elsewhere in the U.S., getting their distant communities active in GOTV activities and becoming local delegates themselves.

Most recently, the GOTV Task Force has hosted and collaborated with the Grassroots Coordinating Committee (GCC), a vibrant collection of hundreds of local activist groups that coalesced after the 2017 Women’s March. Grassroots organizations that are GCC members successfully helped elect Democratic candidates in the 2017 Virginia elections. GCC will continue to support these and other grassroots organizations’ work toward future elections and the GCC’s National Messaging & Policy Task Force is continuing its work on Democratic Messaging.

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