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War Fever

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The War Fever Task Force examines US war policies and procedures, shines light on the cost of war in blood and treasure, challenges vested interests that produce endless wars, stands against illegal and unconstitutional wars, and supports the use of diplomacy to resolve conflict rather than overt and covert actions.  The Task Force also calls for the depoliticization of civil servants who have worked in the US State Department for Democratic and Republican administrations, and who have a wealth of knowledge and professional relationships that can bolster diplomacy and de-escalate conflict.

If you have an interest in foreign policy and world peace, or have a background in diplomacy or international affairs, we welcome your participation.  

War Fever Policy Articles

2020 Positions on War Fever

The US government is now conducting counter-terror activities in 80 countries. We spend more than $1 trillion each year on national security and defense. Polls

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