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Statement on Trump’s Decision End WHO Membership

WNDC strongly disagrees with the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization. America has a proud tradition of funding research into prevention, diagnostic methodology and the development of therapies for illnesses that befall global citizenry. In the past decade we were instrumental in containing new epidemics such as SARS and Ebola as well as old such older diseases as polio and malaria.

Our planet is now too small to suppose America will survive in isolation. Pandemics will continue to menace us all and worldwide cooperation is the only approach supported by science and humanitarian conscience.

From Karen Pataky, Chair, Health Policy Task Force

1 thought on “Statement on Trump’s Decision End WHO Membership”

  1. Congress should fund The Who. The House of Representatives Should insert who funding In annual appropriations bill. Let’s see if there are any Republican Senators who will support, especially Lamar Alexander who chairs the senate’s help committee.
    What’s next— will trump get out of the un? Possible.


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