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Porcelain Swan Vase  Queen Anne Style Armchair	  Armchair  Chair  Walnut Dressing Table, 1880  Center Table, Late 19th/Early 20th Century	  Continental Vase with Greek Gods, late 19th Century  Hepplewhite Style Wall Mirror, 19th/20th Century  American Rococo Style Sofa  New York Style Pier Table, 19th/20th Century  Armchair  Sam Macham, English Queen Anne Walnut Clock, 1720-1730  New Haven Clock Company, Benjamin Franklin Clock, late 19th Century  Armchair  Mahogany English Secretary Bookcase,  1780  Porcelain Plate, late 18th Century	  King‘s Rose Gaudy Dutch Tea Set, 1820.  Tree of Life Teapot, late 19th Century  Continental Cabinet, late 19th Century  American Colonial Revival Neo-Classical Buffet Table, 1910-20  Wall Mirror  Wedgewood and Sons, George Washington Plaque. 1790s  Wedgewood and Sons, Benjamin Franklin Plaque. 1780-1790.  Early Chinese Blue and White Bowl  French Empire Fall Front Desk, 19th Century  American Tiered Shelf, late 19th Century  English Sewing Table, mid-19th Century  Marbletop Table   Carved Oak Wooden Table, 17th/18th Century  Chinese Gaming Table, 1840  Eastlake Slipper Sofa, 1870s  Frances Perkin‘s Desk, 20th Century (Used by first female Cabinet Secretary, Frances Perkins, Department of Labor)  Armchair  Wooden Armchair with Gold Lion Heads  American Classical Period Settee, 1830  Half Circle Italian Style Console Table, 1880  Metal Vase with Cupids  Set of Sevres Plates with Louis Philippe I Monogram, 1844.  Ceramic Vase  Dark Wooden Chair with Carved Eagle and Vase  Elizabethan Style Dower Chest, 1880  Chair  Wood from White House Roof with "Eleanor Roosevelt" Carving, 1927  Chair  Baroque Chest of Drawers, late 17th Century	  American Colonial Revival Pier Table, 1880  American Chest of Drawers, 1880	  Dark Wood High Chair with Gold Eagle  Dark Wood and Marble Cabinet  Chinese Carved Elmwood Chairs  Engraved Ink Stand  Folding Desk  Porcelain Bowl  Wooden Desk Plaque