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Fabian Bachrach, "John F. Kennedy," 1960.  "WNDC at the White House," 1935	  "Daisy Harriman"	  "Emily Newell Blair and Daisy Harriman"   "Barack Obama"	  "Michelle Obama"  "Signed Jackie Kennedy Portrait"  "Signed Nellie Taylor Ross Portrait"  "FDR Signing Social Security Bill with Frances Perkins," 1935  "Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, and FDR Jr. at Val-Kill," 1935	  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Dog, Mr. Duffy," 1959  "Four Generations of Anne Eleanors," 1958  "Eleanor Roosevelt Visiting Youth in Israel," 1962	  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Golda Meir," 1949  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Senator Maureen Neuberger," 1962	  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Esther Peterson," 1962  "Eleanor Roosevelt in New Delhi, India," 1952  "Eleanor Roosevelt with JFK in Val-Kill," 1960  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Helen Gahagan Douglas," 1945  "Eleanor Roosevelt Wearing Radio Headset"   "Eleanor Roosevelt with Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Mary Margaret McBride, and Maureen Corr in Val-Kill," 1962	  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Group of Students at Val-Kill," 1952  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Children at Wiltwyck School, Val-Kill," 1952  "Eleanor Roosevelt with UNESCO Visitors," 1948  "Eleanor Roosevelt at Family Birthday Party," 1959		  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Anne Roosevelt," 1935  "Eleanor Roosevelt Holding the UN Declaration of Human Rights in Spanish," 1949	  "Eleanor Roosevelt with Marian Anderson in Japan," 1953