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Supreme Court Vacancy Announcement: Rachel Maddow Allows My Torment

If you reacted as I did, you were paralyzed, as if you had been “hit over the head by a 2×4,” as Rachel Maddow put it. Paralysis was soon followed by despondency and anxiety.  The booze wasn’t helping. I needed resuscitation, and Rachel’s show at 9:00 pm administered CPR. Yep, she has a fairly simple plan to stop #45’s nomination to the Supreme Court. It’s a long shot, but it provides some glimmer of hope. “If Democrats are going to do this, every single Democrat in the Senate will need to agree to not be a doormat – that shouldn’t be that hard!” she joked. “And every single Republican senator including the pro-choice ones, will have to decide if they want to go down in history as the deciding vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade and make abortion illegal in the United States.”

Here’s the video of her comments.


–Shelly Livingston, Vice Chair, Public Policy and Political Action Committee