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Should We Bring Back “Shotgun Weddings?”

There is much controversy among anti-abortion advocates re: the rights of the biological father to veto his female partner’s decision to have an abortion. Some nine states are legislating initiatives that would facilitate such laws. In effect, the state would force motherhood upon a pregnant woman. But as of today, none of those states would … Read more

In Tennessee, the Sperm is Mightier than the Egg

Last week the Tennessee General assembly introduced a bill that would allow any man the right to veto the decision of his female partner to have an abortion. The man would not need to undergo any test to prove his paternity. A simple declaration by the man will be deemed adequate to secure a court … Read more

Why We Marched Today—Women’s March 2021

Today’s March was not just about abortion. It’s about the totality of control of women’s lives by far-right religious leaders and politicians.  What is different is that now the Supreme Court is threatening to no longer adhere to the “Roe V Wade” precedent.     Since Roe V Wade, far-right religious leaders and politicians have created … Read more

Let’s Tell the Truth about Abortions

From the beginning of recorded time, there have been many couples who have chosen to separate the act of intercourse from the birth of a baby. For many of humankind, some religious leaders and heads of states have outlawed both contraception and abortion, historically and to present day. Despite Church/State laws, and some horrific penalties … Read more