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Under the Cover of COVID-19

This administration and its corporate allies are using everyone’s deep concern with the COVID-19 Pandemic as a cover for a variety of actions damaging to the environment and public health, as well as further exacerbating the climate emergency. The fossil fuel industry is facing challenges from diminished demand because Americans are staying home and using … Read more

Gas Is Not Green

Climate Change. Some years ago, Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens was advocating switching from oil to gas, citing gas as a cleaner-burning fuel and calling it a useful “bridge” for moving away from oil dependence. A gas-powered vehicle generally emits less greenhouse gas (GHG) than a gasoline-powered vehicle. Indeed, the boom in horizontal drilling and … Read more

No Longer a Crisis, but an Emergency

On November 6, The Washington Post announced a new report on what is happening to the earth’s climate. The findings are so dire that 11,258 scientists from 153 countries signed off on the report, published in the November 5 issue of the journal BioScience. Tellingly, two of the countries contributing to the report are Australia, now ravaged … Read more

The UN Report on Biodiversity

On May 6, 2019 the UN released a statement based on the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ research and analysis. The report concluded that the rate of species extinction is more rapid than ever before in human history—more than 1 million species face extinction within the next decade, most of which have … Read more

Recommendation from the Committee on Public Policy and Political Action: National Climate Assessment 4

The National Climate Assessment 4, presented at the WNDC speaker luncheon on January 10, 2019 by Dr. Fred Lipschultz, one of the authors, is a gold mine of information on the state of climate change in the US as of November 2018. Volume I presents an assessment of the physical science underlying the report, but … Read more

It’s Even Worse Than We Thought— But There Is Hope

A Dire Outlook Three reports on climate change have recently been issued, and each one is like a punch to the gut. In spite of 45’s “gut” telling him that climate change isn’t real, these scientifically based findings show the near-term changes coming to our earth if immediate and drastic action isn’t taken on a … Read more

New EPA Rule on Energy Production

The EPA under Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler has the same agenda as it did under Scott Pruitt: weaken environmental regulations to benefit big corporations. The Obama Clean Power Plan (CPP), if implemented, would have greatly cut greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants from the generation of electrical energy. EPA now wants to make coal great again … Read more

Florence Releases Coal Ash

A little over two months ago, on July 17, EPA Acting Director Wheeler issued a revival of former Director Pruitt’s attempt to relax regulations of coal ash storage facilities at coal-fired power plants.  An article in the Issues Watch eblast of July 20 (“Coal Ash Redux”) announced this dangerous move, and described the heavy metals … Read more