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Was There Ever A Meritocracy: Thoughts on a Scandal

Lying, cheating, bribery, fraud, money laundering. No, not allegations against the current administration but accusations against about 50 people who have been charged with “conspiracy counts of racketeering “ in the college admissions scandal. These folks were using a so-called “side door” to get their children enrolled in several prominent colleges. Following a pied-piper of sorts … Read more

Government Shutdown: Short- and Long-term Effects

Although we avoided another government shutdown, we remain painfully aware of the economic impact the month-long shutdown has had on the 800,000+ government workers, contractors, and their families. The fact that this all began on the heels of the Christmas holiday seemed particularly callous. What many thought would amount to a few extra days off work, instead stretched … Read more

#WhereAreTheGirls (and their rights)

Many questions remain about the heart-wrenching separation of parents from their children at the Mexico-US border. From questions about our national identity asked in TIME’s July 2 cover story (“What kind of country are we?”) to the immediate and crucial #WhereAreTheGirls?, a hashtag that calls attention to the lack of girls in photos of children … Read more

Virginia Teens Successfully Lobby for Mental Health Instruction in High School

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed into law a requirement that high school students in grades nine and ten in the Commonwealth receive instruction in mental health. What format this will take is still being determined. In Albemarle County, there will be a seminar to help students deal with the many issues they may confront during … Read more

Things We Don’t Need: Thoughts and Prayers and Newly Established Commissions

In early April, the Trump administration established a federal commission led by Secretary Betsy DeVos to look at “ideas” on how to prevent more school shootings. Preliminary reports suggest this commission might only rubber stamp current proposals that are already endorsed by the administration, such as raising the minimum age required to buy a gun, … Read more

Some Good New on the Education Front

Betsy DeVos’ plan to cut the Department of Education’s budget by $3.6 billion met with opposition from lawmakers. Instead, Congress increased the budget by $3.9 billion. In addition, lawmakers did not support her funding for school choice programs. Civil rights groups met with Secretary DeVos in early April to review a roll back in Obama-era … Read more