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The Hedgehog and the Fox—The Biden Administration Leads in Dangerous Times

The Hedgehog and the Fox—The Biden Administration Leads in Dangerous Times By Ambassador (ret.) Cynthia Efird, Member, Foreign Policy & National Security Task Force Since the February 24th invasion of Ukraine, the growing evidence of Russian defeats on the ground, in international standing, and in economic viability has caused some pundits to suggest that President … Read more

Biden/Harris Administration Successes: Progress for People, Building for Strong, Sustainable Growth, Leading with Dignity at Home and Abroad

One takeaway from the media coverage in the week following President Biden’s State of the Union Address is that facts without hype, a serious approach to complicated problems, and a mature acceptance of realities are a hard sell following the last administration’s rollercoaster ride of thrills and chills, lies and flimflam. Perhaps it is time … Read more

Post-Cold War Institutions Confront a Rapacious Dictator

In our despair at the reckless destruction we see Putin inflicting on Ukraine, it is too easy to discount the importance of the European security architecture that US administrations have worked with our allies to create since the end of the Cold War. While it is true that these institutions cannot impose instant solutions to … Read more

Fishing in Troubled Waters: Russia and Culture Wars

This week, as we focus on the dangerous situation caused by the Russian build-up on the Ukraine border and the efforts by the Biden Administration in the UN Security Council and in bilateral exchanges to counter Russian expansionism, we should not lose sight of a larger pattern of Russian aggression in the US and in … Read more

Summit for Democracy Shows that the US Is Again Committed to Contest Authoritarianism at Home and Abroad

Some 110 countries will gather via Zoom this month at a Summit, a series of meetings at the Head of State, official, and civil society levels, to discuss and make commitments to fight corruption, defend against authoritarianism, and advance human rights. The virtual event kicks off a “year of action” during which countries will work … Read more

The Mueller Report Unpacked — Part 2: Making Sense of the SCO’s Conspiracy Findings

By Tracy Weiss, Co-chair, Foreign Policy Task Force, WNDC Committee on Public Policy and Political Action OVERVIEW As detailed in Part 1 of this WNDC Special Report, the Special Counsel’s Office (SCO)1 found that Russia conducted a multi-pronged attack—designed to benefit candidate Trump and hurt candidate Clinton—against the 2016 Election. Specifically, Russia’s IRA operated a … Read more

The Mueller Report Unpacked — Part 1: An Emerging Theme of Donald Trump’s Presidency and Russia’s Attack on the 2016 Presidential Election

OVERVIEW I am in the process of reading the entire redacted Special Counsel Office’s (SCO) Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference1 in the 2016 Presidential Election (Report). I will break my analysis into three successive parts: part one follows below and focuses on Russia’s attack on the 2016 Election and related unanswered questions; next … Read more