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Questions Remain Two Weeks After Terrorist Attack by Stalker Slays Five in the Newsroom

Two weeks have passed since the June 28 massacre of five Capital Gazette staff — the only terrorist attack that has killed journalists within their newsroom aimed at silencing it completely. This story shouldn’t die. We must demand accountability and action from the president, including answers to the following questions, printed in the media. Does … Read more

Jarrod Ramos Should Not Have Been Able to Purchase a Gun

Any logical system of background checks for gun purchases would have stopped the Capital Gazette Newspaper killer, Jarrod Ramos.  He had been fired from his job as a government contract employee and had conducted social media crusades against the criminal justice system, his local newspaper the Gazette, and a mental health counseling facility. He was … Read more

Gun Reform is the Top Issue Among LGBTQ Voters in 2018

As the second anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre was remembered this week, it seems this horrific shooting is driving voting expectations on the issue of gun reform among LGBTQ voters. About 50% of those polled in a survey by Whitman Insight Strategies and Buzzfeed News indicated that the shooting influenced their views on needed … Read more

Where U.S. House Members Stand on “March for our Lives” Gun Policy Agenda

A recent Washington Post survey of US House members regarding their stand on common sense gun proposals put forth by Parkland student activists revealed the following: Only 12% of Republicans (29 out of 237) responded, and most of those who did came out strongly against the proposals. Happily, most of the Democratic delegation did respond … Read more

Snippets on Gun Safety

CSGV Endorses First 2018 Congressional Candidates! The following are 2018 candidates thus far who the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence believes will “use their respective experience and knowledge to find solutions to our nation’s gun violence epidemic.” Jennifer Wexton (VA-10th) Read endorsement here Shira Goodman (PA-4th) Read endorsement here Lucy McBath (GA-6th) Read endorsement here … Read more

Snippets on Gun Safety, Concealed Carry of Firearms: Facts vs. Fiction

The prospects for passage of meaningful gun safety legislation look grim in the current Congress; however, we must remain extra vigilant for a dangerous piece of legislation that would mandate that guns be allowed across state lines. Known as the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” (CCR), this bill would allow those states with the most stringent … Read more

Pressure Builds on Investment Firms to Confront the “Risk Exposure” of Gun Manufacturing Investments

At a briefing April 18 organized by the WNDC Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention, staff from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence maintained that there has been a “cultural shift” regarding the NRA. Take, for example, the growing number of congressional members who now boast of their “F” rating from the organization. Just two … Read more

Resolution Expressing Solidarity with the Parkland Students and their “NeverAgain Movement

WHEREAS:  On February 14, 2018, 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, were innocently slaughtered by yet another shooter with a military-style assault rifle; and WHEREAS: This mass shooting represents the second deadliest shooting at a U.S. public school after Sandy Hook and the 10th deadliest shooting in over … Read more