Woman's National Democratic Club

COVID Threats to Reproductive Rights

The pandemic has made abortion harder for women to access in some states, including Texas, since abortion was deemed not essential. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) doesn’t have to overturn Roe v Wade in order to make it difficult for women to access birth control and abortion. On July 8, SCOTUS ruled against the … Read more

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides, Who Pays, Part II

“The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people’s deaths.” – Rev William Barber, Poor People’s March As we approach the sixth month of COVID-19, we are reminded of our other plague: systemic racism. In mid-July the official count of cases per the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) was 3.5 million, which is admittedly … Read more

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides, Who Pays, Part I

“The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people’s deaths.” – Rev William Barber, Poor People’s March 2020 has brought planet Earth another world plague, a coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. The precise date of its appearance in unclear. Some suggest its emergence was in China in December 2019. Some infectious … Read more

Ignorant and Dictatorial

In 2017, #45 came roaring into Washington, DC determined to establish a CEO-driven presidency. He did not know our Constitution or separation of powers, nor how our legislative process works. He still doesn’t. In contrast, in 2014, President Obama declared the Ebola virus a “security risk.” He conferred with other countries, and he appointed a … Read more

It’s Not Just about Abortion: Full on Assaults against Women by Religious Right

As we approach the 47th Anniversary of Roe v Wade, which guarantees women the right to a safe abortion provided by licensed physicians, religious right-wingers in America are attempting to legalize outrageous medical rules and procedures. First are the outright lies that most methods of birth control are “mini-abortions” and are therefore forbidden. These lies … Read more

2020 Positions on Healthcare

We believe that comprehensive health care is a basic human right. Every person has the right to receive the full range of science-based health care services regardless of race, sex, skin color, religion, gender identity, or the ability to pay. Health care must be universal and encompass all life stages from birth to death including … Read more

Who lives, who dies, who decides, who pays?

Cruelty and Discrimination are not Acceptable Concepts of Governance for America Sanctimonious Conservatives are stripping health care dollars from “those people” (AKA less fortunate American children and adults ) in tragic acts of cruelty called Rescission and Block Granting of Medicaid. Subsequent to ridiculous tax cuts for multinational corporations and the 10 percent, Republicans are … Read more

“Conscience Protection” for Doctors and Nurses or Legalized Bigotry?

The federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services has a new Division of “Conscience and Religious Freedom.” The public relations selling point is to protect health care providers from being coerced into assisting with abortions or birth control methods that offend their religious or ethical sensibilities in hospital settings that serve the general public. … Read more

Offsetting the “Deficit” by Cannibalizing Health Care for Americans

While #45 has been attempting to destroy NATO and cozying up to Vlad Putin, he and his congressional Republicans have been continuing to dismantle health care for American citizens. By executive fiat, the president has: Eliminated CSR’s (cost sharing reductions) which lowers the costs that individual Americans must pay for their health insurance through the … Read more