Woman's National Democratic Club

Haiti on the Brink of Anarchy

With a constitutional referendum due in September and also with presidential and legislative elections due, mercenaries on the 7th of July 2021, took the fate of the Caribbean island of Haiti into their own hands when they assassinated President Jovenel Moïse. It begs the question whether this is the new genre of determining the will … Read more

Krugman On Point

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Paul Krugman makes a point that cannot be over emphasized: “if Kavanaugh is confirmed, we will be trying to navigate a turbulent era in American politics with a Supreme Court in which two seats were effectively stolen. First Republicans refused even to give President Barack Obama’s nominee … Read more

NRA Potentially Colludes with Russian Spy While IRS Rules that the Gun Group No Longer Needs to Disclose Its Dark Money Donor Names

Just when you thought it was impossible to hear any more shocking news this week, a Russian female spy was indicted on charges of conspiracy to advance the interests of the Russian Federation through the NRA.  Within 24 hours the IRS decided that 501 (c) (4) groups like the NRA will no longer need to … Read more

#45 Quote That Needs to Be Repeated Over and Over Again

As the White House occupant and his co-conspirators in Congress continue to drive the media narratives in a campaign to discredit democratic institutions, remember and share this quote widely: CBS “60 Minutes” Correspondent Lesley Stahl just revealed a candid off-camera statement by the candidate and now White House occupant in 2016, where he flat out … Read more

Staff Purge at HUD Gets Personal

A little noticed article last week in the Washington Post exposed the nefarious tactics being used at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to purge competent staffers at the behest of private industry. One of those affected is my sorority sister and good friend Pamela Danner, who was Administrator, Office of Manufactured Housing Programs. … Read more

Democrats Stand Up for the American Union and its Values

The State of the Union speech by President Trump was, regrettably, all too predictable.  It was as full of lies, obfuscations, and embellishments as expected and the smug delivery was at its annoying best. But the most shocking aspect of that night was the press coverage. The official Democratic response from Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass), … Read more