Woman's National Democratic Club

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson – A Supreme Court Nominee for Today’s America

There is no doubt that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson brings stellar credentials to her nomination to become the newest justice on the United States Supreme Court. She earned her undergraduate degree and law school degree from Harvard. She has worked in a major law firm, a federal public defender, she clerked for three judges, including … Read more

Moving America One Step Closer to Becoming a More Perfect Union

When President Biden promised during his campaign to nominate the first African American female to the US Supreme Court, the hue and cry from the far right was predictable. Senator Mitch McConnell who engineered a blockade of the last nominee from a Democratic president, Merrick Garland, warned Biden against basing his selection on the demands … Read more

Joint Letter to Senate on Supreme Court Appointment

Yesterday, the Woman’s National Democratic Club co-signed a letter to US Senate leadership and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them “against rushing through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court in the midst of an ongoing national election.” “The Supreme Court already includes four justices who have publicly … Read more