Woman's National Democratic Club

Action Alert: Please Donate to Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts (updated 4/24/23)

We would like to bring to your attention a compilation of resources which support victims and survivors of the tragedy that is the earthquake that ravaged parts of Turkey and Syria earlier this week, and of which we continue to learn of further destruction and loss of life. While this is one of the worst natural disaster crises of the century, and we are all touched by this on a human level, one of our own WNDC family members and staff is personally affected, hailing from Turkey, with many loved ones living there currently. It is for this reason that we are particularly moved to inform you of a range of ways by which to contribute to the humanitarian efforts providing incredibly urgent and necessary aid and emergency response resources to those affected by this horror. As you know, every little bit helps, and we thank you wholeheartedly for any donations made.

Updated list of items to donate to Turkish Embassy (click for more info):

  • Shipping containers for temporary housing
  • Portable restrooms & lavatories
  • Portable beds
  • Disaster tents(4×4= 16m2 (172 sq ft) and larger)
  • Blankets

Donate Monetarily (list compiled by NY Times):

Donate to the White Helmets emergency response team in Syria