What Are You Hiding? Demand Donald Trump Share His Taxes!

taxesWhat Are You Hiding? Demand Donald Trump Share His Taxes! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017 (Breakfast)

TIME: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

EVENT TYPE: Breakfast

Join WNDC Members participating in the April 15 Tax March to ask Trump to release his tax returns and commit to a fair tax system for the American people.  Please register to meet at the Clubhouse for the breakfast buffet with speaker Ben Wikler, Washington Director of MoveOn.org, Scott Goodstein, Co-founder of Creative Majority PAC’s whitehouseinc.org and CEO of Revolution Messaging, LLC, and other Special Guests starting at 9:00 AM. 

We need a president who works for all Americans, and a tax system that does, too. President Trump is the first president or major-party presidential candidate in four decades to refuse to release his tax returns to the public. The Tax March demands that the president release his returns, as he has repeatedly promised, but failed, to do. It is in the best interest of the American people to know what financial entanglements and conflicts of interest our leaders have. We need to know if the president is personally profiting from the policies he is proposing. And we want know if he has contributed his fair share of taxes. We will not stand by while the rich and the powerful govern this country guided only by their personal best interests, and not the best interests of the American people as a whole.

This march–in Washington DC and more than 170 other communities globally—demands that President Trump immediately release his full tax returns, as all presidents and major-party presidential candidates have done for the last 40 years. Congress should enact legislation requiring this president and future presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.

Rally begins at 12:00 PM on the West Front Lawn of the U.S. Capitol and ends at 4:00 PM near the Lincoln Memorial. We will begin marching at 1:00 PM.

Click HERE for details about the organizers and goals.

PRICE: $15 Members/Non-Members for Breakfast Buffet.


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