Winfield Swanson

As the Director for Communications, Winfield is responsible for the Club’s newsletter and the Club’s website, social media and interactions with traditional media. She has editorial oversight over all Club communications. She also serves as Chair of the Communications Committee and as an ex officio member of the GOTV Committee. As the Director for Human Resources, Winfield is responsible for the Employees’ Handbook and for completion of all employment-related forms and annual reviews, oversees the Internship program, and manages employee benefits in coordination with the Treasurer. She also chairs the Personnel Committee.

Professionally, Winfield started out as a lab technician/biologist, but after 6 years in the lab turned this experience to editorial matters. From 1984 to 1995, she was the managing editor of National Geographic’s scholarly quarterly, Research & Exploration, but returned to free-lance life after the journal closed. Now that Winfield has retired, she dedicates her free time to her other interests, chiefly art and antiques, which she has collected for several decades. Having joined the Club in 2015, she has been on the VAMA committee since last year and has enjoyed studying and working with the collection in Whittemore House.