Woman's National Democratic Club

Take Action Now

Do you stew over the news? Shout at GOP racist, sexist attacks on our rights? Worry about what will happen if the GOP takes the Senate in the midterm elections?

That does NOT have to happen! Redistricting has been going our way in 2022, as the National Democratic Redistricting Committee reports — thanks to Democrats organizing. We CAN hold and even win in November, if we organize.

Get Active with Fellow Dems at WNDC’s Winning Wednesdays!

So, join us for WNDC’s Winning Wednesdays, whether remote or in-person! Grab a glass of wine, undertake some activism (letter writing or phone banking), and feel happier. (Seriously — research shows that activists are happier than non-activists.)

At each Winning Wednesday, we’ll offer a variety of opportunities for political activism, including phone banking, letter writing, postcarding, and text banking. We’ll also have fun prizes to raffle off to help us raise funds for important GOTV activities. Winning Wednesdays will take place every week leading up to the elections: June 15, July 20, September 7, September 14, September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, October 26, and November 2

Sign up here for an upcoming Winning Wednesday here:

Get Active on Your Own or With Family and Friends

  • Follow WNDC on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to stay updated on our events and activites.
  • Sign-up for WNDC email or check the WNDC calendar of events to stay connected to upcoming activities. 
  • Sign up to be a poll worker through www.powerthepolls.org. Then, recruit friends and family.
    • This is beyond crucial. The GOP is recruiting a nation-wide “army of poll workers,” including in Dem strongholds, to challenge voters and look for non-existent fraud. We need people in polls to prevent GOP subversion of elections. Can you do it, and get 2 other people to be poll workers?!
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper about crucial GOTV issues. Dems have new momentum, which we need to further: Jan 6th Committee hearings, abortion rights, gun violence prevention, and other issues.
    • Even if papers don’t print what you say, they track viewpoints and assign issue coverage accordingly. Common Cause provides tips at occasional virtual letter writing parties. Thank legislators doing the good work you want them to continue; put others on notice.
  • Advocate for our election infrastructure with letters, calls, and posts. Press for adequate funding for well-run elections, remind election officials they must count all votes and respect the will of the voters, urge law enforcement to protect election officials. Represent.Us has great information about what volunteers can do.
  • Support good local candidates: school board, county sheriff, etc. Your money and time go farther for these candidates than federal ones, and if you get people out to vote for a school board candidate, those voters will definitely vote for higher level offices. The reverse is not always true…
  • Encourage the young adults in your circles to vote! Youth turnout in 2022 is currently tracking the record-breaking 2018 turnout; 55% of likely voters prefer Democratic control of Congress, 34% prefer Republican control, according to the Harvard Youth Poll on April 25, 2022.