Woman's National Democratic Club

Take Action Now

Do you stew over the news? Shout at GOP racist, sexist attacks on our rights? Worry that our country is being held hostage to a small group of extreme conservatives in the House? 

Join us to take action with other Dems to do what we can to ensure that Dems do well in key state elections in 2023, and prepare to take back the House and keep the Senate and the Oval Office in 2024!

Get Active with Fellow Dems at WNDC’s Winning Wednesdays!

So, join us for WNDC’s Winning Wednesdays, whether remote or in-person! Grab a glass of wine, undertake some activism (letter writing or phone banking), and feel happier. (Seriously — research shows that activists are happier than non-activists.)

On February 1, we’ll offer a variety of opportunities for political activism in support of Jennifer McClellan in the VA 4th District Special Election, including postcard writing and phonebanking. We’ll continue with these activities on a weekly basis after Labor Day in support of other key state races this fall. 
Through winter, spring and summer, we’ll host a variety of training sessions to help build our skills as activists and hear from experts and speakers about how we can prepare for the critical 2024 elections. 

Sign up here for an upcoming Winning Wednesday here: