WNDC Marches on Climate Change—A PPC Report

Climate March insertA Stunning Day in September: The Perspective of a Climate Activist

Being at the People’s Climate March was awe inspiring. Waves of indigenous people, labor activists, faith organizations, college students, and environmental groups streamed through the streets of Manhattan flooding it, this time, with hope and optimism. The diverse groups embodied a collective conscience that showed how unchecked climate impacts would dwarf their other successes.

They flew seagulls, hoisted colorful banners, rode an ark, posed with insightful signs, and played instruments in an unmatched visual spectacle. Over 300,000-plus people fed off the energy of enthusiastic marchers worldwide on screens dotted along the route. The lively event went mute at 12:58 p.m. when we observed a moment of silence for victims of the climate crisis. Then the rainbow of individuals sounded the alarm.

The largest climate rally amazed those new to activism while astonishing long-term advocates. A fellow walker in the latter category wrote me how she wished she could do the march every day. I agreed. Click here to read more.

Veena Trehan

Public Policy Committee

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