Woman's National Democratic Club

WNDC Programs Archive

Since the Woman’s National Democratic Club’s founding in 1922, we have played host to a range of important guests and events. Explore some of the highlights from our archive of event recordings from the 1960s to today!

Marian Wright Edelman – December 8, 1992

The founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, Marian Wright Edelman, spoke at the WNDC about youth advocacy and children’s rights in her talk, “Leave No Child Behind.”

Eleanor Roosevelt – November 24, 1957

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt spoke about her late husband and his legacy to WNDC members at the dedication of the Roosevelt Library.

Robert Kennedy – October 31, 1963

While serving as Attorney General under JFK,  Robert Kennedy visited the WNDC to discuss continued work on the Civil Rights Act, which would later pass in 1964. 


Rachel Carson – December 4, 1962

Shortly after the release of her most influential book, Silent Spring, conservationist Rachel Carson spoke to the WNDC about environmental issues and conservation efforts.

The Face of the City: Housing in Washington DC – February 15, 1966

Speakers Walter Washington, Arthur H. Keyes, Joan Howell, Thomas Appleby discuss housing issues and opportunities in Washington.

Walter E. Washington – July 11, 1974

DC Mayor Walter E. Washington discusses the future of the District of Columbia.

Betty Friedan –   October 1, 1975

Feminist and writer Betty Friedan spoke to the WNDC about the Women’s Movement and the continued work towards gender equality. 

Lady Bird Johnson –   October 2, 1962

Second Lady Lady Bird Johnson spoke to WNDC members and guests about the importance of women’s involvement in politics.

Esther Peterson –  March 9, 1964

Consumer and women’s advocate Esther Peterson spoke to the WNDC about the economy and relieving the strain on consumers. 

Barbara Jordan –  April 16, 1973

Representative Barbara Jordan spoke to WNDC about her thoughts on Congress following her 1972 election to the House of Representatives. 

Bella Abzug –  May 31, 1977

Women’s Movement leader Bella Abzug spoke to WNDC members about the Women’s Movement in her talk, “The Girl You Left Behind.”