WNDC Tours – Inter-American Development Bank

art exhibit development bankVisions of More Inclusive Cities: Tour of Art Exhibition at the Inter- American  Development Bank

Thursday, March 21, 2019 (Morning)

TIME: 11:00am. Meet at 10:50am in the lobby of The Inter-American Development Bank at 1300 New York Ave.



The Inter-American Development Bank asked a group of local artists of Latin American and Caribbean heritage to envision cities with more equitable alternatives for urban spaces. The artists answered by creating a multidisciplinary exhibition entitled: A City of Questions. Their efforts result in a multitude of perspectives, and lend voices to underrepresented groups while offering new takes on urban life.

While this exhibition showcases Washington-based artists, their ideas transcend borders. Their insights encourage us to listen more closely to the hopes and dreams of all people and to liberate our imagination. A private tour of this exhibition will be followed by a guided walk through the Bank’s collection of previous art exhibits depicting Latin American and Caribbean themes.

PRICE: $15 Members & Non-members. Optional self-paid lunch afterwards at a local restaurant.


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