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The GOTV Strategy for 2022

WNDC is focusing on Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.

    1. The Senate is crucial to hold and, ideally, win a few seats so that the Biden administration’s second two years can have substantial legislative progress.
    2. These states also have 2022 Gubernatorial elections and 2024 Senate elections so our work has even wider impact.

    3. PA and AZ are states where voting rights are under attack, so down-ballot effects can help win state legislatures and other crucial offices.

We’ll support efforts in other key states, primarily joining efforts led by other organizations.

    1. We’ll join canvassing efforts in neighboring Virginia.

    2. We’ll share letter-writing and phonebanking opportunities led by other organizations in Georgia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina where voting rights are under attack.

We’ll promote awareness about how to combat threats to our democracy, such as helping recruit poll workers and poll observers (particularly in VA) as well as supporting secretaries of state and other election administration officials as they uphold the integrity of elections.

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