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July 13, 2018: Questions Remain Two Weeks After Terrorist Attack by Stalker Slays Five in the Newsroom

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Two weeks have passed since the June 28 massacre of five Capital Gazette staff — the only terrorist attack that has killed journalists within their newsroom aimed at silencing it completely.

This story shouldn’t die. We must demand accountability and action from the president, including answers to the following questions, printed in the media.

  • Does the Trump administration recognize the Capital Gazette slaying as a terrorist attack?
  • Will the president change his behavior which includes hundreds of negative, name-calling, mean tweets of The New York Times, NBC, CNN and Fake News that prompted Sen. Jeff Flake to highlight those comments as reminiscent of Joseph Stalin and Sen. John McCain to criticize portraying the media as the enemy of the American people?
  • Does he believe his behavior encouraged this attack?
  • Does he regret what he has admitted is a strategy to discredit negative coverage?
  • Will he stop criticizing those who peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights, recognizing it encourages, condones, and/or motivates elements within our society whose agenda is one of hatred and discrimination?
  • What will he do to keep firearms from those who harass or abuse women, given a high percentage of mass murders are preceded by stalking, harassment, abuse or killing of a woman by the shooter?
  • What legislation does he support to reduce gun violence?

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