Gun Violence Prevention

September 24, 2020: Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Report

Posted on September 24, 2020 at 12:00 AM

NRA While their leadership is weakened, membership dropping, and legal suits mounting, they still have their trade association, The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). According to Newtown Action Alliance, the trade association for the firearms industry announced that the firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson contributed $500,000 to its “#GUNVOTE voter registration and education campaign.”

American Outdoor, formerly known as Smith & Wesson Corp, is among the largest gun manufacturers in the US, and its semiautomatic military-style AR-15 rifle, according to Newtown Action Alliance, was used in the Parkland, FL, high school shooting; the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO; and most recently in the Kenosha, WI, killing of two protesters and injuring another. Help us defeat the NRA and the NSSF in the swing states by supporting GOTV’s Winning Wednesdays and related activities. As our GVP partners say: “Nothing matters more than this Election! It’s a consequential Election for the gun violence prevention movement.”

GUNS & DEMOCRACY Giffords reminds us again that our “democracy” is being threatened, but this time by gun violence! Armed protesters are showing up in DC, OR, WI, and MI, at Black Lives Matter and other social justice protests. These armed protesters inspire fear and limit free speech. We must exercise our voice at the polls! Reach out wherever and whenever you can—with friends, relatives, colleagues, and former colleagues all over the US to vote.

GUNS & DC STATEHOOD The Nation’s Capital last year had its highest number of homicides since 2008. A majority of those 166 murders, were from gun violence. Brady United cautions that this year, the District is on track to be just as deadly! A majority of the victims are expected to be Black men. What makes matters worse is that the District still is not a state, and thus, it lacks serious congressional access. District residents do not have direct contact with Congress to address issues of gun violence, nor urge support of common-sense gun legislation. Inform your contacts everywhere about Cal Cunningham, who is running for the NC Senate and who supports DC statehood, as well as identify other Senate and House candidates who support statehood.

TAKE BACK THE SENATE Congratulations to the GVP Task Force, GOTV members, Club members, friends, and family, for your outstanding support of NC Cal Cunningham’s Turn the Senate Blue event. We did it! We surpassed all expectations, and successfully met our goal and the campaign’s goal—$20,000!!

Virginia A special legislative session was convened in Richmond, in late August to tackle police reform after the brutal killings of several Black Americans at the hands of police officers. Bills on track to pass both chambers, according to the Washington Post, would: ban no-knock warrants (which allow police to enter a home without announcing themselves), and neck restraints. Also, both chambers agree to require police to intervene when another officer uses excessive force. We will follow the outcomes of this special state session in the WNDC November Newsletter.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called for a special legislative session on reducing police brutality and gun violence after the shooting in Kenosha of Jacob Blake by police officers. However, the Republican-controlled legislature, with few in attendance and no debate, quickly adjourned the session. Deja vu, Virginia all over again, but the VA Republicans lost their state seats in the next election and control of the House! Supporting Wisconsin community groups and national organizations like Amnesty and March for Our Lives, WNDC signed the petition to pressure the state legislature and governor to consider a proposal of policing bills and funding for mental health services. (At this point, WI citizens will have to wait until the next legislative cycle in 2021 to take up these bills.)

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