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October 3, 2021: Why We Marched Today—Women’s March 2021

Posted on October 03, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Today’s March was not just about abortion. It’s about the totality of control of women’s lives by far-right religious leaders and politicians.  What is different is that now the Supreme Court is threatening to no longer adhere to the “Roe V Wade” precedent. 

 Since Roe V Wade, far-right religious leaders and politicians have created a fictional world where abortions are said to cause breast cancer and multiple psychological problems in women. That is totally untrue. The same cabal also states that all methods of contraception are “mini abortions” and therefore also forbidden.  More lies by politicians and other non-physicians including the false promise that medical abortions can be reversed “if the woman changes her mind.” Not true and interfering with the completion of a medical abortion could result in the death of the woman due to infection from retained portions of an early pregnancy. 

We, women, deserve medically sound health care and doctor-patient confidentiality, in the same way that men expect confidential scientifically based health care.

Religious leaders and politicians have no business in any medical decisions by women.  That is why we marched today and will continue to march until every woman is acknowledged as having the same respectful freedom that men take for granted—to make the medical decisions that are best for each one of us. No exceptions.

Karen Pataky, Director, Public Policy Committee Chair, Health Policy Task Force

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