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February 1, 2021: There is Always Light

Posted on December 11, 2023 at 12:00 AM

“For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” –Amanda Gorman

We rode through four dark years towards a faint light that became brighter as our resolve grew stronger. The presidential election on November 3, 2020 brought in the promise of change, and the results of the January 5th runoff election in Georgia were like a sunburst. The pall cast by an unscrupulous president and a compliant, compromised Republican party was about to dissipate. All conspiracy theories and challenges had been thwarted, Joe Biden and the first Black/South Asian Vice President, Kamala Harris, would be sworn in on January 20th, with a Democratic House and Senate.

And then January 6th happened. A mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building at his urging, forcing an emergency recess in the Congressional proceedings to officially certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. A planned series of highly unusual Republican objections, based on false allegations of widespread voter fraud in 6 states, were launched at the behest of Trump, led by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley around 1pm. Then the terrorists struck.

There was chaos and mayhem. Security lines were breached, doors and windows broken, violence erupted as thousands of inflamed rioters broke into the inner sanctums of the Capitol, seconds before lawmakers escaped to safety. The insurrectionists included Republican Party officials, GOP political donors, far-right militants, white supremacists, members of the military, convicted criminals, Proud Boys, Oath-keepers, Three-percenters and QAnon members. Heavily armed, they came to kill–judging by their chants and the noose they set up, to hang V.P. Pence, and by their calls to assassinate Speaker Pelosi.

When Congressional proceedings resumed around 8pm, 5 people had died amid major destruction. Shockingly, 147 Republicans still challenged the results already certified by legislatures of their own party. Such has been the hold of their corrupt boss, Donald J. Trump. But the results were certified and ultimately order was brought about in the capital. The reluctant departure of the losing incumbent on January 20 was lost in the pomp and circumstance of the beautifully organized Inaugural festivities in a fortified Capitol and Mall. The grand finale was a spectacular fireworks display after a two-hour celebration by artists and political celebrities. And thus there was light.

As we attempt to move past the ugliness of the attempted coup we cannot help but remember that candidate Hillary Clinton raised these issues in her debates with Trump during the 2016 election cycle. She pointed out his “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” views, repeatedly. She wasn’t the only one. Even DJT’s Republican Primary election opponents warned us about his bigotry, misogyny, unscrupulousness and loose association with the truth. That insight is now in plain view. Trump has given voice and validation to the worst instincts of a gullible electorate. As we battle coronavirus, we must also defeat the Trump virus of lies, hatred and conspiracy theories. With a second impeachment trial coming up the Biden/Harris administration needs all our support. We want justice served. There must be accountability. Criminal acts must be punished to deter future insurrections. Democracy is fragile but resilient. It is our duty to uphold it. We must convict Donald Trump. And move undaunted towards fulfilling the Democratic agenda. The time to act resolutely is now.

Nuchhi Currier
President, Woman’s National Democratic Club

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