Gun Violence Prevention

June 8, 2022: Is it the GUNS or the HATRED?

Posted on June 08, 2022 at 12:00 AM

By Karen Pataky, Director, Public Policy & Political Action Committee

So, we are only 6 months into 2022 and America has endured 200 mass shootings. “Mass shootings” are defined as four or more gun deaths in a single incident.

We know of recent gun slaughter events at a synagogue, a Black community grocery store, and an elementary school filled with Latino/Latina children, among others.

Current shooters have been white male adolescents (younger than 21 years of age), supposedly without anyone in their orbits taking notice of violent inclinations. Between 18 years and 21 years of age, male testosterone is abundant and far exceeds the intellect that mediates violent actions. Most states do not allow anyone under 21 to purchase liquor or cigarettes or Sudafed. But buying an AR15 or other wartime mass killing machine is perfectly fine. What are we thinking?

So, what must we do to lessen this plague of gun violence? Let’s start with raising the age of legal gun purchase to 21 years. It should be simple, but the gun lobby says “NO.” It’s an infringement on gun-ownership rights.

Every one of us must contact all friends and relatives and pester them to PHONE their local, state, and national politicians to set 21 years of age as the national limit for the purchase of all firearms. Call 202 225 3121 and follow the prompts. LEAVE A MESSAGE if you cannot reach a human being. Forget cards and letters. If possible, an in-person visit to a local Representative or Senator is always the very best tactic.

We must start somewhere or the “slaughter of feral pigs” (GOP term for killing “other people”) will continue.

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