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May 18, 2018 : Who lives, who dies, who decides, who pays?

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Cruelty and Discrimination are not Acceptable Concepts of Governance for America

Sanctimonious Conservatives are stripping health care dollars from “those people” (AKA less fortunate American children and adults ) in tragic acts of cruelty called Rescission and Block Granting of Medicaid. Subsequent to ridiculous tax cuts for multinational corporations and the 10 percent, Republicans are discovering a several trillion dollar national deficit. “Oh my, let’s do rescission” they say. “Rescission” is double talk for “take back” of federal and state monies required to provide health care from our fellow Americans deemed “unworthy” or “mere animals.” The current Republican president and his lapdog legislators at national and state levels perceive financial sabotage of health care for less fortunate fellow citizens will slip by.

In addition to rescission, the classic theft of federal monies to care for less fortunate fellow citizens is Block Granting of Medicaid. Such is the Graham Cassidy Bill which encourages individual states to “experiment” with dispersal of Medicaid monies. Unfortunately history shows us spending such money on actual medical care is eliminated in favor of funding for building golf courses or stadiums etc.

The “unworthy” include disabled citizens (including some veterans), single pregnant women and single mothers as well as handicapped persons and elderly persons in need of nursing home care. “Those people” also include 70 million (or 1:5) children from day of birth to 21 years of age. The crux of the justification to steal Medicaid, and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children {food assistance}) is that “those people” are substandard human beings. “Those people” include darker skinned Americans, disabled persons, working poor and non-English speaking citizens

So again we must contact our #45 and national and state legislators to reject Graham Cassidy, and all rescissions. Phone calls are best.

White House: 202 456 1111, Congress: 202 225 3121 or 844 241 1141

Cruelty and discrimination are not acceptable concepts of governance.

–Karen Pataky, Chair, Health Policy Task Force

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