Camilla David - BOLD STROKES

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Thursday May 19, 2022


May 19th – September 6, 2022

I express my creativity by blending varied layers of bold and vivid colors, applied instinctively onto paper or canvas. I strive to quickly impact the viewer’s creative sensibilities and want their eyes to flash back and forth across the picture plane to search for fluid, brilliant, seductive and intense hues, gestural strokes, shapes and forms. Then, I want them to travel back and again to find inviting resting places. I try to guide the onlooker to experience a positive, absorbing aesthetic journey that arouses and satisfies their visual and emotional appetites.

Often I am asked how I start a canvas. It’s not that I plan what will come onto a piece; however, I am again and again inspired by a particular tone or color mix, or images that flash repeatedly in my head for a period of time until I am forced to put them down on a surface. If I start that way, I next meld a range of hues that embody adjacent or complementary colors to build combined surface layers.

At other times, I begin with a form or flirt with gestures, laying down non-representational images and marks that then inspire color combinations. From there, I build a color palette, always striving to mix vivid variations and color contrasts by means that range from drips to brushwork. Eventually, the painting creates itself as it tells me what layers to add and steps to take, usually leaving pieces of previous original layers showing.

The range of media I use is diverse. I employ many tools and applications – layering with fast-drying acrylic paints, markers, oil, wax and chalk pastels, charcoal, inks and collage – applied with brushes, scrapers, rollers, palette knives, and papers as needed. My paintings are multi-layered abstractions that connect bold strokes of vibrant, saturated colors with dramatic mark making. By these techniques, I am able to create colorful abstract movements on my canvases.